1- Copy the link

Grab the link URL of the YouTube video which you want to download.

2- Attempt To Download

Paste the link in top search bar on our site and hit download button.

About Y2downloader

At Y2downloader, users can convert and download YouTube videos in MP3 and MP4 format. Users have options for quality of video and sound for example (HD for MP4) and (Bit for MP3).

Our goal is to get safest and easy way to download videos.

Y2downloader have two active converter which you can find on the menu tab, 1 - YouTube To MP4 and 2 - YouTube To MP3.

1- How the Y2downloader site provide an MP3 file of YouTube videos so quickly to download.?

Y2downloader is a Javascript based site which is using multiple technoligies such as node, & ajax which helps the site fetch and convert the videos from YouTube.

2- Is it safe to download videos (MP4) & audio (MP3) files from here.?

Yes definatly it's safe to download video in MP3 and MP4 format as we check daily for web spam and virus. We do our best to keep your device safe from malwares.

3- It is possible to download thumbnail with downloading MP3 or MP4 file.?

No you can't download a MP3 file with image or thumbnail as our site doen't supports that feature but soon in the future.

4- Downloading YouTube mp3's on iPhone?

Same as Android, just you have to select the path of downloading location, in such mostly it will go to file manager >> download folder.

5- Downloading YouTube mp3s on Android?

It's more easy to download and play MP3 files on Android, Once you download your file it will be available directly from music player or through file manager download location.

6- Can I download lenghthy YouTube videos in MP3 format, such as podcast or a audio book.?

Yes ofcourse you can download lenghty videos file into MP3 format. But make sure you internet is stable.

7- Which browser supports Y2downloader..?

Our site function supports by all browsers such as (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, UC, Edge, & Epic etc).

8- Which audio quality will I get after downloading in MP3.?

Our site can get you MP3 files from 96 to 320Kbps quality.

9- Is the audio Mp3 songs I download, is it playable in my car tape.?

Yes, you can download and copy the audio file in USB to play in your car.